IQiyi Sports CEO: I firmly oppose e-sports as a sport even if it enters the Asian Games-IT and Sports

In a forum on January 12, iQiyi Sports CEO Yu Lingxiao:The so-called e-sports that evolved from games, I firmly oppose it as sports. Even if I enter the Asian Games, I will not admit it. Sports are positive and a healthy lifestyle.In response, Zhu Qinqin, secretary general of the Shanghai E-sports Association, said that mental exercise is also a sport, and the scope of sports is constantly expanding.


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The famous sports marketing expert Zhang Qing said that e-sports is a form of sports, and players also need physical support. Do you think e-sports counts as sports?

When talking about the very hot e-sports market in recent years and the relationship between e-sports and sports, iQiyi Sports CEO Yu Lingxiao said: “In 2020, the epidemic will create a “vacuum” in sports events. Online games have become particularly important. The evolved e-sports, I firmly oppose it is sports, whether you have joined the Olympics or not! Capital can be profitable, but don’t pretend to be sports! Sports needs more online products, but it must be an active and healthy online life the way.”

Shengli Family’s founder and CEO Li Sheng’s view is closer to Yu Lingxiao. He believes that sports require physical exercise. Sports is the last line of defense for mankind. Morality, intelligence, and physicality need to be fully developed and cannot be replaced by finger and brain exercise. Sports have competition, but competition is not all sports.

E-sports has been selected as an official event for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games. At present, there is still huge controversy on the topic of e-sports entering the Olympics. At the IOC Executive Committee in December 2020, breaking dancing, skateboarding, rock climbing and surfing will be selected as four new projects. The 2024 Paris Olympic Games does not include e-sports events.

Yu Lingxiao, CEO of iQiyi Sports: I am firmly opposed to the so-called e-sports that evolved from games. Even if I entered the Asian Games, I would not admit it. Sports are positive and a healthy lifestyle. What do you think?


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