IPN withdraws medical and nursing students from hospitals

He National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) announced tonight that it will join the initiative of the UNAM to withdraw its internship and undergraduate students from hospitals and public health institutes, for not guaranteeing the safety of medical and nursing students in the care of patients with coronavirus-2019.

In a press release, he considered that this action responds as a measure of protection and security for his students.

“The IPN informs the Polytechnic Community that as a protection and security measure for our students, as of today and until further notice, it withdraws its medical students from the rotating undergraduate boarding school and its nursing students who perform social service in the Health Sector ”, he said.

He announced that from today he will look for other alternatives to support this sector with the participation of students and teachers, who contribute to the attention of this health emergency.

The information is released after the announcement made by UNAM about the withdrawal of its own inmates since hospitals do not have personal protective equipment for them, nor have they been trained to care for patients with Covid-19.

Tonight, medical student organizations, such as the Assembly of Undergraduate Internal Physicians, called on the rest of the institutions that offer degrees in Medical Surgeon and Nursing to join these measures.

“Let’s start with a dissemination campaign in networks, starting tomorrow, April 7, upload a photo holding a sign that says: Vocation does not protect me,” they called.



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