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iPhone: User finds detail that causes huge discussions – All models affected

Yes, actually, there it is, the space.

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What people don’t get all excited about … An iPhone little thing causes confusion for users of the online community Reddit. However, there is a simple explanation.

  • A space on the iPhone creates excitement.
  • The empty space is between the battery Level number and the corresponding percent sign
  • The explanation for the space unexpectedly provides the Duden,

Munich – A supposedly useless space currently occupies users of the online community Reddit. Specifically, it is about iPhones. All models should be affected by the technical error – up to the current operating version iOS 13.3.

iPhone: Small detail occupies the online community

The space over which the Reddit community discussed, is between the number that indicates the current battery level and the associated percent sign. The space should be found on the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone Se, iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 models. Intent – or has Apple overlooked a technical error? The “Softpedia News” page has already taken up this “non-topic” due to the Reddit discussion and assumes that the space between the number and the percent sign depends on the language setting of the respective iPhone.

The ominous space between the number and the percent sign.

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At the turn of the year, one user noticed the detail and wrote: “Was the space always there?” He also posted a screenshot of his iPhone. The answers were not long in coming. “Nope, there is no space,” wrote some other users. “My iPhone is in German and I have the space between the number and the percent sign”. Other users also wrote that it depends on the language set on the iPhone. An exciting and philosophical discussion that will keep the brightest minds on this planet occupied for decades to come. Incredible 54 comments discuss the little trifle – there were 93% upvotes.

Surprisingly, the Duden provides the answer to this “problem”: according to German spelling, there is always a space between the number and the associated percent sign. The reason for this is the fact that in a “10 percent” variant, there is also a space between the number and the word. In this case, the “%” sign replaces the word, which is why a space before the sign is absolutely correct. With the recent launch of Apple’s quarterly results, it became clear that business with the iPhone continues to decline. But also how to proceed.

iPhone: Apparently the devices are working properly

There is currently no way to make the space disappear. Of course, it does not affect the performance of the smartphone in any way and has no other effects. If you are bothered by this, you should consider whether you might not be wasting your time.

iPhone users can breathe a sigh of relief in the meantime: If a space changes to a hotly debated topic in an online community, one thing is certain: the iPhone works wonderfully and has no real problems. Smartphones can already do a lot. But some combinations of numbers are unknown even to the most experienced iPhone users.


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