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In a new update, Instagram’s “Rails” feature has doubled the length of video clips, allowing the user to create videos of 30 seconds, instead of 15 seconds.

Rails is one of the US competitors for the application of TikTok, which sparked controversy recently in the United States, and the feature adopts a mechanism of action similar to the Chinese application to a large extent.

Competitor TikTok allows users to create videos of up to a minute’s duration.

Although Instagram did not disclose details about the number of users of the new feature, in which it appears that the application is investing heavily in it, product manager Roby Stein told the website, “The Virg“Techie, Instagram has become” big with entertainment “added by” Rails “, and he expressed his hopes that Instagram will enter a new era of entertainment with new additions.

The feature allows the user to reproduce music videos, such as Tik Tok, which enhances the expectations of attracting a large number of young people and teenagers.

و .شار The Virg In a previous article, it was indicated that the user would be able to use an audio clip from another person’s video, and re-shoot his own video, as is common in Tik Tok.

Last year, Instagram indicated the possibility of uploading videos produced using the “Rails” feature to personal stories, sending them via private messages, or posting them through the Instagram account to appear in the “Top Rails” field.

In August, US President Donald Trump issued an executive order banning the application of Chinese TikTok, which took effect on Friday, with the action of the US Department of Commerce. The suspension of the ban on the app was extended by one week, the ministry said on Saturday.

“The Chinese Communist Party has demonstrated the means and motives for using these applications to threaten national security, foreign policy and the economy of the United States,” Commerce Minister Wilbur Ross said in a statement.

The statement said that US President Donald Trump has given a deadline until November 12 to implement TikTok in order to resolve issues related to the national security threat, and if he succeeds in doing so, the ban will be lifted.


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