iPhone: millions of users were spied on by Chinese software

This malicious program has more than 300 million downloads per month since mid-2019. It is installed on the device alongside popular games such as “Talking Tom”, “Subway Surfers” and “Helix Jump”.

“We identified a malicious component of the SDK (software development kit) that is being integrated into different iOS applications. The SDK is distributed as a normal ad network, something that developers can use to monetize their applications through ads ”, they announced from the SDK.


This malicious app it is very dangerous for the privacy of users. The problem is that it gains access to a large amount of data, including in some cases private information.

How does this malicious software work?

The program developed by Mintegral send fake clicks and claim credits for installing the app. Experts stipulate that the amount collected from brands so far can exceed hundreds of millions of dollars.

On the other hand, Apple said that it received the alert from Snyk and that it is working to block this software. Likewise, he pointed out that at the moment he has no data that he has harmed any of his users, since in reality he was engaged in scamming brands.


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