iPhone 7 at Aldi on offer – bargains with a certain catch

The food discounter Aldi has an iPhone for less than 300 euros on February 27. Why this supposed bargain is not worth it for everyone.

Apple’s smartphones also have millions of loyal fans in Germany. But above all the high price of the devices discourages many buyers. Offers for them Aldi North a tempting offer from February 27: a iPhone 7 with 32 GB of memory for 289 euros. But the supposed bargain has a few snags that prospective customers should know.

iPhone model is three and a half years old

The iPhone 7 offered by Aldi was originally introduced in autumn 2016 and is therefore already three and a half years old.

Accordingly, one of the mobile phone some functions of current models do not expect: Face ID via FaceID is missing. The device also cannot be charged wirelessly. But much more important is: Apple usually supplies its devices for five years after its market launch updates,

An iPhone 7 now bought would probably be supplied with patches for just under a year and a half, which would end in September 2021 at the latest. As a result, not all apps can be installed. Buyers should consider that.

The built-in technology, such as the processor performance, is still sufficient for most applications. So there is no need to worry here.

iPhone is not new, but completely overhauled

Another point, however, restricts this: The devices sold are not new goods. Aldi writes that it is a “completely overhauled” device. It was completely disassembled and reassembled, Aldi writes on its website. What exactly that means for the customer remains unclear. However, one thing is clear: these devices are not new – which further relativizes the price.

Used, repaired Apple devices – one speaks of “refurbished” – abound on the net. Depending on how tolerant you are with regard to signs of use, a comparable device for platforms like Backmarket or reBuy costs less than 200 euros. The platforms even offer a three-year guarantee, Aldi only two.

A new cheap iPhone is coming soon

Last but not least, buyers looking for a cheap iPhone should wait another month. Because it is now very certain that Apple will have a new, inexpensive device at the end of March – that iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9 – will introduce. The price is likely to be less than 500 euros. This would make the upcoming device a whopping 200 euros more expensive – but would offer several advantages of a new iPhone at the price of a used device.


If you buy the Aldi iPhone, you have to be aware of various disadvantages – in addition, you can sometimes save a lot more money on the Internet. For most potential iPhone buyers, there should be better options than this Aldi offer.


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