– Apple is known to the public thanks to one of the high-end cellphone products, namely the iPhone. Almost every year the manufacturer created by the late Steve Jobs continues to release the latest iPhone series. But it cannot be denied that old iPhones like the iPhone 6 are still being hunted by consumers.

Although it was only released 6 years ago, around September 2014, the iPhone is still widely offered in various markets. Unfortunately compared to the specifications smartphone Right now, the iPhone 6 isn’t all that flashy.

iPhone 6 has an 8 MP camera and a screen resolution slightly above HD. The iPhone 6 is supported by various storage variants. The more memory the iPhone 6 has, the higher the price. However, the iPhone 6 guarantees reliable performance, which is why it is in such high demand.

So what are the specifications, pros and cons of this iPhone 6? Consult the summary from various sources Friday (27/11).

The advantages of the iPhone 6.