iPhone 15’s Reverse Power Supply: Charging AirPods Pro 2 and Other iPhones via USB-C

iPhone 15’s Reverse Power Supply: Charging AirPods Pro 2 and Other iPhones via USB-C

During the press conference, Apple already stated that the iPhone 15 series equipped with a USB-C interface can charge the new AirPods Pro 2, which also uses USB-C. Is the reverse power supply function of iPhone 15 limited to AirPods Pro 2? Is it feasible to use it to power another iPhone, or even an older iPhone that uses the Lightning interface?

YouTuber Marques Brownlee conducted an actual test and found that the iPhone 15 can power other iPhones through USB-C. As long as the user has a USB-C to Lightning cable, the iPhone 15 can also power older iPhones. , and iPhone 15 will provide power regardless of the remaining battery power. If two iPhone 15s are connected via a USB-C cable, the two devices will first conduct two-way communication to determine which phone has higher power, and then supply power to the lower one.

Very low power output

If the connected party is an Android phone that supports USB PD, power will also be supplied from the one with more power to the one with less power. Marques Brownlee also found that for Android phones that do not support USB PD, the situation becomes unpredictable and it is impossible to predict which phone will be powered or charged. It is worth noting that when using iPhone 15 to power another device, the power output is limited to 4.5W. Charging Apple Watch or AirPods will be relatively feasible, but charging another iPhone will be quite slow.



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