iPhone 15 Pro Series: Frequent Heating Issues

iPhone 15 Pro Series: Frequent Heating Issues

The iPhone 15 Pro series frequently suffers from heating issues. (Photo/Dazhi Image Associated Press)

The iPhone 15 series is officially on sale, and the iPhone 15 Pro series uses the A17 Pro processor. Although the published performance data is excellent, there are frequent heating issues. Recently, some netizens said that when they went to a telecommunications store to look at the display unit, they found that the temperature of iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max was significantly higher than that of the 15 and 15 Plus next to them. “It felt hot to the point of being slightly hot.” Such a problem made him I am hesitant to buy the Pro series.

A netizen posted on the PTT “iOS board” the day before yesterday (22nd) that he recently went to see the display unit and found that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max seemed to have relatively high body temperatures. “The iPhone 8 I have on hand rarely does this when charging. “It’s hot to touch”; he wondered whether it was because the display unit was always charging, “or was it related to the recent discussion on the energy consumption of the A17 Pro?” These made him hesitate to purchase the 15 Pro series.

Netizens said that the iPhone 15 Pro series on display was too hot. (Picture/reproduced from PTT)

In response to this, many netizens left messages, “I just touched my pro display unit and it felt very hot”, “It’s the same as the online test results, the pro series has a higher temperature”, “Oh, that’s over in Taiwan. Taiwan has nine months of summer” and “titanium has poor thermal conductivity”.

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However, some people left comments saying, “I can’t feel the difference when I touch it in the direct-operated store”, “The display material of the display machine has been picked up and used all the time, and the current display stand has also been changed to wireless charging, so it is easier to heat up”, “The screen is always on In addition, everyone is trying to take pictures, so the heat is normal.” “It’s normal to use it while charging, and the Android ones are not less hot.” “The Sanchuang air conditioner is cold enough, so I don’t feel it.”

“Apple Dad” encountered overheating and freezing when testing the iPhone 15 Pro Max camera. (Picture/reproduced from YouTube)

Previously, Internet technology self-media “Apple Dad” reviewed and encountered “heating” problems when recording videos on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. However, he did not comment on this for the time being. He only said that this was not a heat resistance test, but it occurred during the camera test. Such an “accident” results in the inability to use it normally.

Another self-media “Geek Bay” pointed out that the A17 Pro is indeed a processor whose performance is close to that of a desktop computer, but in terms of energy consumption and battery life, “it is really hard for me to say how good it is.” Such a new 3nm processor The manufacturing process of the processor also makes people feel “a little disappointed.”

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