iPhone 14 Series will be equipped with 6GB RAM, already using the latest LPDDR5 technology

JOGLOSEMAR NEWS iPhone 14 The series is currently still a hot topic among gadget lovers. Phone made by Apple which will be released in September 2022, it is also reported that it will have the capacity RAM the big one.

unmitigated, Apple will embed RAM 6GB to the whole series iPhone 14 latest.

Apple himself usually releases a line of iPhones with a capacity of RAM different ones.

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As it was last year, the iPhone 13 mini is known to have RAM 4GB with LPDDR4X technology. The same thing is also found in the iPhone 13 series.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are equipped with RAM 6GB and still uses the same technology as the iPhone 13 mini.

Whole Line iPhone 14 Have RAM 6GB

Reported from Macrumors (25/6/2022), this Apple have a different view on the product.

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