iPhone 14 Pro has been spotted for the first time!

Shown as one of the biggest technology companies in the smartphone world, Apple continues to work hard for the highly anticipated flagship iPhone 14. The new model of the series, which appeals to a large audience, will be introduced in September. The first look at the iPhone 14, which continues to leak information, was made.

iPhone 14 Pro will have A16 Bionic chip

Apple is preparing to introduce its new smartphone series with 4 new models. The series, whose names will be iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, is expected to appear at the Apple September Event, which is planned to be held on September 13.

Hard days for Apple: iPhone production is interrupted!

Hard days for Apple: iPhone production is interrupted!

Increasing coronavirus cases in China are making Apple’s business difficult. The company takes radical decisions in iPhone production.

Famous name Jon Prosser, known for the leak information he obtained, published images of the iPhone 14 Pro model. The model attracts attention with its protruding camera array at first glance. The model, which will come with a main camera with a 48-megapixel sensor that offers even better low-light photography, will have a triple array.


The content, which seems to have confirmed the previous leak information, has not yet been confirmed by other sources, on the other hand, the uncertainty about the release date of the iPhone 14 series disturbs many segments. China is implementing a “zero tolerance” policy for the coronavirus. Due to this practice, many companies have come to a standstill in production in the past months.

So much so that this disruption in the production line puts Apple in trouble. According to the company, Nikkei Asia, Apple is 3 weeks away from its planned work schedule due to the shutdowns. As such, the possible delay in the release date of the iPhone 14 makes the company think.

Of course, considering the economic situation in our country, the first question that comes to mind is prices. However, the answer is not very encouraging. In terms of iPhone 14 camera capabilities iPhone 13It will offer better performance compared to . On the other hand, some sources state that Apple spent 3 times more for the camera than the previous model. This is expected to be reflected in wages.

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