iPhone 14 is priced cheaper than iPhone 13, apparently comes in 4 variants!

SEMARANGKU – Rumors price iPhone 14 which is estimated to be cheaper than the iPhone 13 is getting tighter.

But behind it all, iPhone 14 present in specification which is quite interesting for iOS fans.

Information about iPhone 14 have been fully summarized in the following review. If you are also curious, watch to the end.

HP iPhone 14 it turns out that it will only be released in Indonesia in September 2022. However, the leaked specifications are interesting to know.

Interestingly, this phone will come in four series and five color choices, namely Sky Blue, Purple, Red, Starlight, and Midnight.

iPhone 14 is predicted to have thicker performance than its predecessor, the iPhone 13.

In its release, Apple presents many new innovations starting from the appearance, specificationas well as price.

With the various new breakthroughs, it’s no wonder that the look and design owned by iPhone 14 looks more beautiful, also elegant.

You need to know, the phone that is estimated to have price more affordable than the iPhone 13, it comes with a titanium body design.

When viewed from RAM, iPhone 14 reportedly equipped with a capacity of up to 6GB and using the latest chipset.

The latest chipset in question is Bionic for the Pro version with up to 2TB of storage.

Then special iPhone 14 Pro day iPhone 14 Pro Max is claimed to have a main camera reaching 48MP.

No less important, iPhone 14 also supported by a capacity of up to 3059 mAH.

Below is the range price iPhone 14 per series that is rumored to be cheaper and affordable than the iPhone 13:

This is a review containing complete information about iPhone 14 which will be released in Indonesia in September 2022.***

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