IPhone 13 mobiles can get a long-awaited feature

Among other things, the following Apple smartphones will always innovate with the display feature always on.

The Always On Display (AOD) is a feature that has been around for many years in the world of Android smartphones. As a matter of fact, it debuted for the first time in more than a decade. However, Apple still refused to enable this feature on its smartphones.

iPhone 12 modelsSource: cnet

Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg however, his colleague learned that to the delight of fans of the feature, Apple will soon be taking over this option, for next-generation iPhone mobiles. The AOD is said to be like an Apple Watch is always on and displays useful information on iPhones like time, date, or notifications.

Gurman also believes the new models, expected in September, will have a smaller sensor band, and the Pro versions will have 120Hz LTPO displays. The A15 chip will be stronger than the previous one, allowing more advanced video recording. There are reportedly no shortages of new iPhones in stores because 20 percent more models (90 million) will be waiting to launch than last year.


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