Iphone 13 better than Iphone 12 Pro in recognized camera test

To Iphone 13 Pro performs better in camera tests than last year Iphone 12 Pro is perhaps not so surprising, but now comes a new proof of how much better the camera system has become – in the entire Iphone 13 series.

Dxo Mark has tested “usual” Iphone 13, which gave the phone 138 points in for photo, and 117 points in for video. Last year, the Iphone 12 Pro received 135 and 112 points respectively in the same tests.

A big difference to the Iphone 12 Pro’s advantage, however, is the extra telecamera, which the Iphone 13 lacks.

Dxo Mark was also able to confirm that Iphone 13 Mini has the same camera system as the Iphone 13.



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