iPhone 13: an “S” generation with Touch ID under the screen… and a foldable iPhone for later?

No one had warned that it was the day of the leak today! After MacBook Pro without Touch Bar (but with MagSafe) and iMac Pro borderless, Mark Gurman returns to the charge this evening with in his satchel news about the iPhone.

In the short term, that is to say for the 2021 smartphone vintage, we should not bet on big changes, with the exception (all the same!) Of a fingerprint reader under the screen that Qualcomm could provide. . The function would be in the test phase, while Face ID remains at the rendezvous. Having face and fingerprint recognition would in any case be welcome in this new world where wearing a mask has become a habit and a health obligation.

The fingerprint reader under the screen of the Galaxy S10.

However, internally, Apple engineers would evoke a generation “S”. The iPhone 12 marked a breakthrough in design with the iPhone X family, not to mention the contribution of 5G. In addition, the pandemic is slowing the rate of development of devices, more than last year.

On the longer term, Gurman talks about the development of a foldable screen iPhone. It wouldn’t be about turning a smartphone into a tablet, but making the iPhone easier to carry. We would be closer to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip, or Motorola’s Razr, ie a “flip” format (read: A week with the Galaxy Z Flip).

iPhone XS Max et Galaxy Z Flip.

Be careful, the manufacturer is only at the beginning of the big works and nothing says that Apple will embark on this niche. The Apple has developed a foldable screen prototype, however, but at present it has not gone further. This means that there is no foldable device that can be used strictly speaking in the Cupertino labs, at least not yet. According to Gurman’s sources, we’re talking about a screen similar in size to that of the iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7 inches) with an “invisible hinge” on the back that contains all the electronics.

The hinge of the Galaxy Z Flip.

This hypothetical foldable iPhone could take many years to develop, and again Apple could throw this project in the trash.

Can you imagine a foldable iPhone like this?


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