IPhone 12 Mini Users Complaining Device Screen Unresponsive

Recently a number of users iPhone 12 also complained about missing SMS and message notifications.

It is not clear whether this problem has only an impact iPhone 12 or other devices, but those who complain are mostly iPhone 12 users.

“I haven’t been that long upgrade to iPhone 12 from iPhone 11 Max Pro. I’m chatting in a group chat with children, one of the children uses Android. He came up to me and asked why did not reply to messages in the group, “the user said, as quoted from MacRumors, Saturday (11/14/2020).

The user also checks iPhone 12 hers and realized that she didn’t receive any messages in the group chat. The child then showed the device and sure enough, the boy sent a message to the group.

Most users who complain about not getting SMS notifications and messages in groups chat. However, some are unable to send private messages.

“I also experienced the same problem. It seems that the problem occurs in the group chat, if there are Android users in it. My friend and I just exchanged messages on iMessage and there is no problem with it,” said another user.


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