iPhone 12: Even without charger, it should be more expensive


In September, Apple will formalize its brand new generation of iPhone 12 smartphones. And many new features are on the program, such as the launch for the first time of four models, as well as the absence, already very commented, of headphones and a charger in the box of the new flagship. And if fans of the brand thought that this decision would lower the price of the next iPhone, they are likely to be wrong. According to analyst Jeff Pu, whose information was taken up by the MacRumors media, it should even be rather the opposite, with a rise in prices in sight.

L’iPhone 12

Indeed, according to the latter, the iPhone 12 (with its 5.4 inch panel) will be sold at a price of 749 dollars (~ 662 euros), which corresponds to an increase of 50 dollars compared to the launch price of l’iPhone 11. Knowing that in France, the iPhone 11 is sold at 809 euros, following this scheme, we would have an iPhone 12 at 859 euros. A logic that could even lead to an iPhone 12 Pro Max sold at 1309 euros, all without headphones and without charger. Suffice to say that if the information were to be confirmed, Apple should put the marketing level package to justify its choice, especially for phones that might be long overdue.

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