IPhone 11 owners report green tint on screen after unlocking NOW

A number of iPhone owners suffer from a green tint on the screen, which remains visible for a few seconds after unlocking. Users report this on, among other things, last weekend Reddit.

The problems seem to occur mainly on the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. But also some people with an iPhone X and iPhone XS say they see a green haze after opening the phone.

It is not clear exactly where the problems come from. After a few seconds, the screen will return to normal. According to affected users, it does not always happen after the device is unlocked.

Some people say that the green tint only appears when dark mode and Night Shift are turned on. Other users say the problem started after installing iOS 13.4. This may be a problem in the software.

Installation of the iOS 13.5 operating system would improve it, according to some users. This version is currently only available as a beta version. Apple has not yet responded.


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