iOS 16 Will Make It Easy for Users to Access Websites Without Captcha Verification, Jakarta – Moment iOS 16 rolled out to all users later this year, users no longer have to deal with cumbersome Captcha codes. Where, Captcha often asks users to slide a puzzle piece into place.

Users no longer need to deal with complicated and troublesome Captchas because Apple introduced a feature called Automatic Verification. This feature lets websites and apps know that the user is not a bot, without the user having to verify himself.

Collect The VergeWednesday (22/6/2022), in presenting this Automatic Verification feature, Apple is working with two content delivery networks namely Fastly and Cloudfare to develop the system.

When the feature was released on iOS 16 and MacOS Ventura, sites that used the two services above to defend themselves against spam can take advantage of the system and stop displaying a lot Captcha to user.

Apple calls the system underlying the service a Private Access Token, which vaguely alerts its system to changing passwords. How it works, the user’s device looks at various factors to determine whether someone is a human or a bot.

When a website user usually asks them to fill in a Captcha, the site will ask the device or computer if a human is using the device. If the device (well that iPhone or Mac) says “yes”, the user will be allowed to log in without having to use Captcha.

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