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Now the big update is finally here.

Where will the iOS 14 update go?

Has not been launched yet

It’s not just the developers who are a little frustrated with Apple (they were given a day’s notice to get their apps ready), as the company simply announced the availability of the final version the day after the press conference where they unveiled the Watch Series 6, iPad 8 and iPad Air.

The update was supposed to be out at 10:00 USA west coast, it is 19:00 in Norway, but so far no update has been rolled out.

This is the best new in iOS 14

We’ve been using the GM version since yesterday, and are particularly pleased with AirPods’ ability to automatically switch to the device that plays the sound – this works exactly as we would like, and is something we waited quite a while for, but which we were never sure on whether Apple had plans to launch.

Automatic audio switching and widgets are without a doubt the highlight of 14.

The final version also seems to be a bit faster than beta 8. We have not had anything to complain about on iOS 14, including the latest beta versions, so that the final version works well is not surprising.


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