Inzaghi: “Scudetto? It’s too early to talk about it. Now we’re talking about Inter, a little less in the summer …”

It is still early to talk about the Scudetto. Which also, at the moment, is on the Inter shirt. After the 3-1 at Fiorentina, Simone Inzaghi thus responds to dazn: “After what happened in the summer we have to continue. I was lucky enough to have a club that lost three important players, Lukaku, Hakimi and Eriksen, and didn’t give up. We worked, bringing here very important players and We had 4 wins and a draw and now we talk about Inter, this summer we talked less about it. “

But were you convinced of your strength?
“We were convinced of our work. I found some guys who work, I chose them together with the club. We have to work day by day and see game by game. It’s still early, we’ve only played five games. Now we have to think about Atalanta and prepare for the game in the best possible way “.

Here all the statements of Inzaghi.



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