Involved in the European Super League, Man United is disgusting, Liverpool pretends to be YNWA – Manchester United legend Gary Neville is in a state of disappointment after his former club agreed to tournament plans European Super League.

European formation Super League became the spotlight of the world of football after several elite clubs declared their involvement in the tournament plans, Sunday (19/4/2021).

The English teams that have reportedly agreed to participate in the European Super League are Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, and Manchester United.

Seeing Manchester United getting involved in club competitions in Europe which are planned to bring together the elite teams from the league on the Blue Continent, Neville admitted that he was disgusted.

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According to Neville, Man United along with Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City who joined the European Super League should be punished as severely.

In fact, if necessary, said Neville, Manchester United with Liverpool and Arsenal would be relegated.

In addition, Neville also suggested that the Premier League title be given to Burnley, the club that is in 17th position temporarily and has just been defeated by Manchester United on Sunday (18/4/2021).

Then Fulham, who entered the relegation zone in 18th place, do not need to go down caste.

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“I am a Manchester United fan and have turned 40 years old, but I was disgusted, really disgusted,” said Neville, quoted by BolaSport from Sky Sports.

“The motivation is greed. Cut them all off tomorrow, put them at the bottom of the league and take money from them!” he said.

“(What they are doing) is criminal. It is a criminal act against football fans in this country. Subtract points, subtract money and punish them,” he said.

“Let them escape, but punish them straight away. Six clubs, they should be severely punished. Massive fines, deduction of points, remove titles from them,” he said.

“Give the title to Burnley, let Fulham survive. Relegation of Man United, Liverpool and Arsenal,” said Neville.

“These three clubs, with their history in this country, have to be the clubs that have suffered the most,” he said.

“The history and traditions of the three clubs are truly extraordinary and I respect them, but they leave a lot to be desired at this point.”

Apart from Man United, Neville admitted that he was very upset with Liverpool as well.

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The reason is, the winner of 12 Premier League titles with Man United believes that the Reds have betrayed their own motto.

“I’m sick of Manchester United and Liverpool the most,” said Neville.

“Liverpool, they pretend when they say, ‘You Will Never Walk Alone (YNWA), people’s club, fan club’.”

“Manchester United, 100 years old, born to workers from around here, and they are breaking into a league without competition that cannot be relegated?” he said.

While. UEFA UEFA logo.

The news about the European Super League also not only received the spotlight from football figures, but also the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

Johnson considers that decisive action needs to be taken for clubs that decide to become involved with the European Super League.

“The European Super League plan will seriously damage football and we support the football authorities in taking action,” said Johnson, quoted by BolaSport from his official Twitter account.

“They will attack the heart of the domestic game, and will attract the attention of fans across the country,” he continued.

“The clubs involved must answer questions from fans and the wider football community before taking any further steps,” wrote Johnson.

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The news about the European Super League shocked the world of football after 12 clubs calling themselves Founding Clubs simultaneously announced their involvement on Monday (19/4/2021) early morning WIB.

Apart from the six Premier League clubs, there is also Inter Milan, AC Milan, and Juventus which represents the Italian League.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid establish themselves as representatives of the Spanish League.

On their respective official pages, the 12 clubs released announcements regarding the launch of the tournament, the format of the match, the ideas formed and the objectives. (Rebiyyah Salasah)


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