Involuntary martyrs, decline of boomers: young people of the Covid generation want to accelerate change according to BETC

76% of French Prosumers (consumer influencers studied by BETC)) aged 18 to 34 say that it is more difficult to be 20 today than 20 years ago, according to the agency’s latest report carried out with 17,500 people aged 18 and over in 32 markets including France. The younger generation has a deep sense of having endured more than their fair share of the pandemic and 73% of that say society has been so obsessed with protecting the elderly that it has neglected to prioritize the elderly. youth.
Young people think that the world as it was created and dominated by the boomers is not working. They are tired of playing by rules over which they have no control.
In terms of professional life, 67% of French respondents no longer believe that a university degree is essential for success in life and 71% would even be ready to earn a lower salary in exchange for more flexibility. As for politics, 85% reject membership in a political party to get involved in causes that are close to their hearts.
32% of the sample are ready to become vegetarians to solve the world’s problems and 51% think that saving the planet will require radical action (becoming vegan, avoiding air travel, not having children…). 69% of young French people are ready to live a more minimalist lifestyle to fight against overconsumption.
Globally, the study highlights that 51% of respondents are starting to boycott brands that do not operate sustainably.


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