Invited to a friend’s house, this woman refuses to have to pay for the meal herself


This woman expressed her frustration online. She felt that her friend of hers was rude after asking him to pay for the message to eat on line.

After they haven’t seen each other for a long time, many people usually choose to spend time with friends. Common activities like eating together.

It’s common to split the meal bill or split the bill when eating with friends. Usually the account is calculated in detail so that the money paid is proportional to each person.


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But what about a friend and host who orders food online with their guests? Do guests also have to support the bill? It’s like what happened to a mother.

Launching (22/09), this mother uploaded her story to the Mumsnet forum. She went to her longtime friend’s house just to visit him.

“I went to visit the home of my best friend who has been in a relationship for 12 years. My best friend has 3 children and lives in a big house,” she said.

When she visited a friend’s house, this mother didn’t forget to bring gifts. Until finally her friend asked him to order Chinese food that she was close to her home.

until finally his friend asked him to order Chinese food which was close to his home. Photo: iStock

All right, this mother ordered too. “I ordered food for my son and he ordered five meals for him and his three children,” the mother said.

The thing that surprised him was when they had to pay for food online. The unnamed mother revealed that she was very surprised that they too had to split the bill for the message to eat on line.

Mom is angry that she is told to pay for foodThe mother, who was not named, revealed that she was very surprised that they too had to make a split bill to order food online. Photo: iStock

The total bill for the meal reached £ 92 or around Rp 1.5 million. While his friend gave him £ 45 or Rp 760,000. He also had to pay the remaining bill of £ 47 or Rp. 794,000, which was clearly more expensive than the money his friend had given him.

“He then said he was £ 92 in total and only gave him £ 45.”

The price and quantity of food is not known in detail. But when seen, his friend ordered more food, but he paid less.

But even more annoying, the friend was considered rude. Perhaps the culture in the West is very respectful of invited guests. Even though the online order was approved by both sides, it was the host who had to pay for it.

This mother also revealed that she would “never” ask a guest at her home to help her pay the bill to eat. But many netizens disagree with this mother’s anger

As this netizen commented, “I hope to pay for my order online even if it is at a friend’s house. I will also split the bill like when we eat at a restaurant”.

Another network user also agreed and revealed: “I will also pay for what I ordered and at the same time I will pay the tip or the delivery money.”

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