Invited the first night at the mother-in-law’s house, the bride suddenly became hysterical in fear in the middle of the road, until she was desperate to jump from the wedding car

Sosok.IDThe bride make a commotion after daring to jump from car wedding.

After successfully exiting, the the bride immediately shouted for help from residents.

In fact, she wants to invite her husband to spend the first night from mother-in-law’s house.

Then, what makes the the bride scared to death when invited the first night from mother-in-law’s house?

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Launching from the Times of India via the East Tribune, this incident occurred at the wedding of a couple from India which was held on February 9, 2018.

The identity of the groom is known to be Baibhav Anand.

Reportedly, he was a manager of a private airline in New Delhi, India.

Baibhav, who is rich, is said to have met the bride through social media.

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From there, their relationship took a serious turn.

The wedding was finally held.

Their marriage also went smoothly without a hitch.

After the event was over, Baibhav then invited his wife to return to his parents’ house.

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Baibhav also plans to spend his first night with his wife there.

However, on the way to the in-laws’ house, the bride was hysterically frightened.

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He even dared to jump out of the car that had just driven about 150 meters from the wedding location.

“Save me, save me,” he screamed hysterically.

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As soon as he got out of the car, he immediately asked for help from local residents.

Residents rushed to help the bride who was still wearing the wedding dress.

From there, it is known that the bride was scared because of Baibhav’s actions.

Yes, Baibhav apparently threatened to kill the bride.

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Not without reason, Baibhav did it because he suspected the bride was only marrying because of wealth.

The police immediately arrested Baibhav as soon as the bride made a report.

“We have arrested the groom and detained him based on the bride’s report,” said a local police officer.

As a result of the incident, as a result the groom had to enjoy the first night in prison alone.

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