Invited by Aldi Taher’s marriage, Nikita Mirzani: Mending to be an old widow

Aldi Taher when he asked Nikita Mirzani to marry him. (Source: YouTube / Crazy Nikmir Real)

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – The hilarious actions of Nikita Mirzani and Aldi Taher are again busy talking about by netizens. The reason is, Aldi Taher invited Nikita Mirzani to marry him.

This was recorded in Nikita Mirzani’s vlog uploaded on the Crazy Nikmir Real YouTube channel, Friday (2/4/2021) yesterday.

In the vlog, Nikita Mirzani is collaborating with Aldi Taher. Aldi also said that he wanted Deddy Corbuzier and Dinar Candy to get married.

“God willing, we will have a vacation to Pariaman, yes, take Deddy Corbuzier, invite Dinar Candy. God willing, they will marry there,” said Aldi Taher.

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Hearing this, Nikita also said, Aldi not to match other people.

“What do you do with people getting married. You’re like a netizen for a long time,” replied Nikita Mirzani while holding back laughter.


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