Invite the souls of “Nong Film”, an M. 6 university student, to escape from the instructor before she was identified lifeless in the forest.

Development in the situation of Mrs Nichada o “Film Nong” 17, a college student from Mathayom 6, a significant school in Satuek district, Buriram province, who was located lifeless in the forest close to the faculty. After he escaped, the administrative learn he whistled chased him to be a part of the prayer action. What is the last lesson time period on Friday all-around 3:30 pm on September 2, 2022.

As for the mysterious death of “Nong Movie”, a lot of netizens have doubted the lead to of loss of life. Though a component came to guidance Nong Film’s father and mom who this time missing their daughter. It is also regarded that Nong Movie is also a popular YouTuber.

In particular the partnership between “Nong Film” and “Suphansa”, a three-12 months-old infant elephant, who is the elephant of Nong Film’s father. the place Nong Film helped increase Chao Suphansa and get involved in a romance right until there is adore. Ordinarily, Nong Film moves in with her grandmother who has a household around the college. But when Nong Film arrives again to his father’s household every single time Chao Suphansa is satisfied. So he tries to tease Nong Movie by playing with mud to get the system soiled and arrive clean up the film. Which is one more adorable clip that more than 4 million people today have seen the clip.

On the facet of Mr. Mao Sapmak, 61, the eye of Nong Film, the proprietor of the elephant “Num Sek” who has starred in numerous films, revealed that his family and kinfolk have been boosting elephants for a very long time. Soon after his grandson died, he went to a fortune teller. Then the soothsayer said that there was a ghost in the forest by the termite mound. I want to take Nong Film with me. When he invited the spirits house, he uncovered that the area wherever he had fallen and died was a termite mound.

Information by Ruangrut Wangcham, Buriram province

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