Invite Azriel to Return to KD’s arms, Ashanty cries profusely, the child’s answer when given a choice back to Krisdayanti Unexpected: He’s Destroyed

Sosok.ID – Proximity Ashanty with Azriel Hermansyah it cannot be overlooked.

Since marrying Anang, Ashanty really can’t take his eyes off Azriel Hermansyah.

Even if it’s not flesh and blood, Ashanty treat Azriel Hermansyah like his own son.

Azriel Hermansyah themselves assume the existence Ashanty is a helper in his life.

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Anang and Krisdayanti’s divorce more or less affected Azriel Hermansyah’s life.

Lonely, that’s the word Azriel Hermansyah used to describe his condition.

It is natural that Ashanty’s arrival is like fresh air in Azriel Hermansyah’s life.

Through a short video, Azriel Hermansyah once expressed his heart to his close mother.

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Launching the YouTube show The Hermasnya A6 on December 23, 2020, Azriel Hermansyah expressed his gratitude to Ashanty.

Azriel Hermansyah thanked Ashanty for replacing his biological mother, Krisdayanti.

Azriel Hermansyah also cried when he remembered Ashanty’s kindness to him.

Hearing the expression of his son’s heart, Ashanty could not hold back tears.

Ashanty suddenly remembered the difficulties faced by Azriel Hermansyah when he accepted her as a mother.

Anang Hermansyah’s wife is well aware that she is not as rich as Krisdayanti.

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To meet the needs of Aurel and Azriel at that time, Ashanty had to rack his brains hard.

Often Ashanty unknowingly delays the needs of the child because he and Anang do not have money.

“We still don’t have any money at all, every time he (Azriel) asks for things that we can usually get, at that time we can’t buy them,” said Ashanty.

“At that time, we told them, ‘Later, Jiel, Mom and Pipi will definitely buy it. Let’s work first’,”

“I know his heart must be broken,” he continued.

Ashanty admits that difficult moment made Anang feel down and he couldn’t bear to take care of his children.

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Youtube/The Hermansyah A6

Ashanty and Azriel Hermansyah

“They (Aurel-Azriel) could have left at that time because they weren’t comfortable with our situation,” sobbed Ashanty

I don’t want the child to suffer Ashanty and Anang had agreed to give Aurel and Azriel a choice to return to their arms Krisdayanti.

“But Anang give them a choice at that time, if Jiel and brother don’t want to be with us, it’s okay to choose.”

“Because Jiel still has his mother (Krisdayanti) also. But they chose ‘no, Pi, we’re here’,” he explained.

according to Ashanty, Anang often gives a choice so that Aurel Azriel doesn’t have a hard life.

But both of them always choose to live with their father and mother.



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