Invitation to a Canine Vaccination and Deworming Campaign for a Thriving Pet!

This Sunday the deworming campaign, as well as application of anti-rabies vaccineby the groupCanine Squad”which will be carried out 9:00 in the morning to 2:00 in the afternoonon the cobblestones of the river, at the height of the Libertad ford.

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This Sunday morning, the group “Canine Squad” will be present at the facilities of the Vialidad del Río to apply a total of 400 rabies vaccinations.

Likewise, there will be internal and external deworming to improve the health of these animals, the intention of this activity is mainly support the economy of parralensesbestowing pet services in an accessible way.

This group called “Canine Squad”in coordination with the Municipal Youth CouncilImjuve, Cats & Dogs and Fashion Pet’s, will carry out this activity this March 26.

It is expected to have the presence of hundreds of parralenseswho can carry both your petslike animals in street situation for them to be cared for.

Carolina Hernandeza member of this group, pointed out that in said event there will be the sale of snacks and there will be a raffle to buy foodfor the benefit of animals that are being guarded.

Also, they will be put up for sale piggy banks, blankets and healing materialwith the intention of raising funds and power keep helping the puppies who are waiting to be adopted and have a decent home.

Photo: Archive | Parral’s Sun

Carolina pointed out that people who have a pet that is aggressive or who is not good at socializing, they can come with a cooler or bag with ice and they will be given the vaccine, so that they can apply at home.

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It is worth mentioning that “Canine Squad”is providing the necessary care to about 70 dogs of different races and ages, as well they also shelter catsthe latter are those who have easier to be adopted.

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The group is currently giving animals up for adoption to those who request it, you only have to comply with certain requirements so you can have a companion at home and a friend.

The requirements range from sign a commitment letterwhere the current owner agrees to take care of the animal at all timesfeed it, that it is in somewhere safe and above all, whatue is not in the streetputting your integrity or someone else’s at risk.

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