Invisible Sacrifice…’27th Player Oh Hyun-kyu’ Praised by Son Heung-min

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There was a 27th player who was not included in the final 26 players for this World Cup, but who has been with us from start to finish throughout the World Cup.

It’s Oh Hyun-gyu, who did his best in silence as a backup player.

Captain Son Heung-min also expressed his gratitude to Oh Hyun-kyu as soon as he got home yesterday.

Reporter Lee Myung-no will tell you.

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Yesterday, on my way home, a large crowd of fans gathered.

There was one player Son Heung-min dared to mention during the interview.

[손흥민/축구대표팀 (어제)]

“What I want to say here is that I want to say thank you very much to (Oh) Hyun-kyu, and indeed, I think Hyun-kyu played the biggest role among the players I’ve worked with in this World Cup.”

This is the 27th player, Oh Hyeon-kyu, that everyone has forgotten for a while.

The youngest striker, born in 2001, was chosen in view of the possibility that Son Heung-min, who arrived in Qatar after undergoing surgery for a facial injury, might not be able to play.

While Son Heung-min has been playing full-time since the first game, the national team has swept their hearts…

It was the moment when the possibility of participating in the World Cup disappeared for Oh Hyun-gyu.

Even so, thanks to the elder who recognized his worth.


“Actually, I thought a lot about ‘what kind of help can I give the hyungs’ while I’m not in sight… At that time, Heung-min hyung told me a lot of good things, so I think I’m really grateful.”

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Every day in Qatar was an unforgettable day for Oh Hyun-gyu.

Taking the lead in helping seniors train on the pitch every day…

During shooting training just before the match, he did not hesitate to do his dirty work in the position of goalkeeper.

Son Heung-min’s advice was so valuable.


“I feel like I came from a real dream, and even now… I was really, really grateful that I was able to learn a lot from the hyungs in all aspects of training, how players take care of their body and mind …”

When he won against Portugal, he first ran to Son Heung-min and informed him about the Uruguay-Ghana match…

When we gathered on the ground…


“How many minutes do you have left?”


“Four minutes! Four minutes! Four minutes!”

He moved more seriously than anyone else.


“One minute! One minute! One minute!”


“(I have a mobile phone) I kept ‘cooling down’ in real time and informing the hyungs of the game results. At that time, the hyungs praised me for playing an important role, so I think I’m really proud of myself.”

There was no uniform number on the uniform…

Oh Hyeon-kyu had to step aside during the national team group photo shoot.

Having left behind the dream transition to the round of 16, we are now preparing to launch ourselves into the future of the national team.


“I think I thought a lot about going to the tournament together (with the hyungs) if I do better and have a better opportunity. Next year, I will do my best to show my fans a better picture. Thank you.”

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