Investigative Investigation: Evidence of CIA involvement in the Nord Stream bombing

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that Washington should respond to the accusations made by the investigation conducted by the American journalist Seymour Hersh regarding the US involvement in the bombing of the Nord Stream gas pipelines in September last year.

Commenting on An investigative report that Hirsch posted on his blog Wednesday, which confirms the involvement of the United States in The bombing of Nord Stream pipelinesRussian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova asked the White House to comment on the “facts” that were presented.

  • “The White House should now comment on all these facts,” Zakharova said in a post on her Telegram account, summarizing the evidence presented by Hersh regarding US involvement.
  • She added, “We have repeatedly expressed Russia’s position on the participation of the United States and NATO, who did not hide it, and were boasting to the whole world of their intention to destroy civilian infrastructure.”
  • According to Russia Today in Arabic, Zakharova pointed out that Russia has always noted the reluctance of Denmark, Germany and Sweden to conduct an open investigation and opposition to Moscow’s participation in it, “despite the fact that the Russian Federation incurred huge costs.”

For his part, he confirmed Secretary General of the Russian Security Council Nikolai PatrushevNo. 2 in Russia, he doesn’t have any information about who carried out the Nord Stream bombings. Russia Today in Arabic quoted Patrushev as saying: “If they mention that, you can ask them. I don’t know who blew it up.”

Brief American response

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In Washington, the White House responded to the accusations made by the American journalist by saying that Hersh’s account was “completely fictitious and fictional.”

Hirsch investigation of evidence

And he knows Seymour Hirsch With his articles on the crimes committed by the United States in Vietnam and Iraq, especially those related to torture in the notorious Abu Ghraib prison, where he was able to obtain information about the operation from an unnamed source who was directly involved in preparing the bombing.

In a lengthy investigation, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh confirmed on his blog that the incident came as part of a top-secret operation carried out by the CIA under the direction of the Biden administration.

AndThe British newspaper The Times reported, citing an investigation by Seymour Hersh US President Joe Biden’s decision to blow up Nord Stream came after 9 months of top-secret discussions with the US security services, which focused mainly on mechanisms for secretly carrying out the bombing without leaving any evidence indicating the party that carried it out.

In February 2022, wJust weeks before the start of Russia’s military operations in Ukraine, and while discussing possible sanctions against Moscow, Biden warned Moscow: “If Russia invades (…) there will be no Nord Stream 2. We will finish it.”

Because of the president’s threat, destroying the Noor Stream pipeline “can no longer be considered a covert option because President Biden just announced that we know how to do it,” states Seymour Hersh’s unnamed source.

The Norwegian Navy was the first to locate the exact locations of the bombings

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Hidden Norwegian hands

  • Hirsch says in his investigation that an American diving team, from US Naval Dive and Rescue Center. He planted mines along the Nord Stream pipeline under the cover of NATO military exercises in the Baltic states “BALTOPS 22” that took place between 5-17 June 2022 off the German coast, and the detonation was carried out by Norwegian hands later in those exercises in September of the same year .
  • Hirsch adds that the Norwegians may have had interests in carrying out the bombing. Destroying Nord Stream – if the Americans can carry it out – will allow Norway to sell more of its natural gas to Europe.)
  • blasting process
  • “Sometime in March, a few members of the US Dive Team traveled to Norway and met with members of the Norwegian Secret Service and Navy,” Hirsch says. “One of the main questions regarding the operation was the best site to plant the type explosives.” C4.”
  • That location would be within the diving possibilities of the Norwegian divers, the work would be arduous, time-consuming and dangerous, but the waters off Bornholm had another advantage: there were no large tides, which would have made the diving task more difficult.
  • The American journalist explained that a Norwegian Navy plane shot down a sonar buoy on September 26 to activate the explosives. “The Norwegian Navy was quick to find the exact location of the blast sites, in shallow waters a few miles off the island of Bornholm in Denmark…”
  • Investigators from Sweden and Denmark – where the explosions occurred in their exclusive economic zones – confirmed that the incident was the result of a sabotage operation, as Swedish investigators found traces of explosives on the pipes, but the investigations did not determine who was responsible for the incident.
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The Nord Stream pipeline explosions are a series of 4 explosions that hit the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines, resulting in a major gas leak in the Baltic Sea that spanned between September 26 and 29, 2022.

The bombings of the Nord Stream pipelines coincided with the opening of the Baltic Pipeline by Poland and Norway, a strategic project to transport Norwegian gas from the North Sea to Europe via Denmark, to replace the Russian Nord Stream pipelines.

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