Investigation with doctors who have resigned in rejection of the policy to confront Corona

The number of deaths among doctors in Egypt due to corona infection rises to 183 (France Press)

Egyptian government sources revealed to “Al-Araby Al-Jadeed” that a large number of doctors were subjected to recent requests to resign from their work in Ministry of Health Al-Masria, to the investigation by the National Security Agency of the Ministry of Interior.

This coincides with the high number of deaths among doctors in Egypt due to infection with a virus Corona To 183 doctors, as the General Syndicate of Physicians announced the death of Doctor No. 183, of his infection with the virus.

According to official figures issued until Friday, 9 October, the total number of deaths in Egypt reached 6029 deaths, while the total number of injuries reached 142,262 cases, and the total number of recoveries who left hospitals after receiving the necessary treatment was 97,592.

According to the sources who spoke to Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, large numbers of doctors have recently submitted their resignations from working in a number of central and public hospitals, due to the Ministry of Health’s lack of commitment to providing the necessary preventive supplies during the examination signed by hospital attendants.

The sources said that there is a state of anger among doctors because of the new government policies, which refuse to raise the levels of preparedness in anticipation of the new wave with the winter season, a wave that began to show signs of large numbers of injuries and deaths not officially announced, in light of the state’s policy not to announce the situation. The real thing is to protect the economic rates, according to the sources.

The sources affirmed that in front of this general policy of the state, and in light of the General Syndicate of Physicians’ calls to the concerned authorities, large numbers of them submitted their resignations, before they were surprised by their hospital administrations by transferring them to investigation by officers in the National Security Agency, in an attempt to terrorize them and force them to Retreat, to prevent hospital shortages or causing confusion among citizens.

A doctor who was subject to investigation by the National Security Agency in one of the governorates of Upper Egypt revealed that he had been threatened with trial, and charges were brought against him for collaborating with the “Brotherhood” group to implement foreign agendas with the aim of disturbing public peace and creating rumors and confusion among citizens.

The doctor who spoke to Al-Araby Al-Jadeed said: “I was not the only one who submitted his resignation in the hospital in which I work, but there are others besides me,” adding, “The situation is very bad, and the ministry refuses to return to decisions to organize work in hospitals during the first wave of the Corona virus by identifying hospitals. Especially, whether by isolating or examining suspected and injured cases. “

He added, “Currently, we have to work with all hospital attendants, who may later discover that they are infected with the virus, while they have come to undergo examination for their suffering from other diseases and injuries.”

He continued: “All this happens in light of the lack of adequate supplies that guarantee the safety of the medical staff,” noting that “there is only a muzzle, and many times we buy it at our own expense, and more than once we have asked to provide the protective suits and masks, and most importantly the necessity.” Declaring a state of emergency again, and returning to the hospital allocation system.

This comes at a time when state agencies made a decision not to return again to the total or partial closure measures, after partial recovery of the economy in the wake of the first wave measures, as well as after the great losses that the Egyptian economy incurred as a result of those measures, which caused the loss of foreign exchange reserves. The central bank for about 9.4 billion dollars.

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