Investigation Resumes Against Former Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov over False Declaration and Other Alleged Wrongdoings

A fact that everyone knew for a long time – from the evidence collected in the course of the investigation, it can be concluded that in the declaration submitted by Kiril Petkov to the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, false data were declared due to his dual citizenship and failure to answer the conditions for electing people’s representatives. This became clear after an instance control by the Supreme Cassation Prosecutor’s Office, after which the investigation against the former Prime Minister was resumed and a pre-trial proceeding was initiated, journalist Victoria Georgieva wrote in her commentary for Labor. Here’s what else she commented:

Earlier today, the district prosecutor’s office said that they are proposing to the chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev to ask the parliament for Petkov’s immunity as well.

Petkov hastened to wave his finger at the prosecutors and the security services, stating that he will wait for a commission to be formed and work in the National Assembly, before which all the facts and evidence will be presented, so that all Bulgarians can clearly and vividly see how the Bulgarian prosecution was used for political pressure, after which he would voluntarily waive his immunity.

But in addition to the declaration with false content, the prosecution must also self-report about… the drawers. But not for these drawers, about which for several years some media and “analysts” deafened our ears, but for those of Petkov. More precisely, about that of Kiril Petkov, in which the DANS report concerning Gemcorp was hidden for three months and only when last year there was a stir and it was revealed that there was such a report at all, in July the government declared that it was on the basis of it terminates the memorandum. And about another drawer (but again not Borisov’s), in which, according to Rosen Hristov – the former minister of energy, the memorandum was kept, although the correct word was hidden, about which even the lawyers of the ministry, who had found out about its existence from… the news. It was a $1 billion document through which a few unauthorized individuals provided access to information and objects related to our national security. Did you forget about this case?

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Kiril Petkov must also be responsible for the actions of his foreign policy adviser Vesela Cherneva, which it is unlikely that she took solely at her own discretion, it is completely incredible that he did not know about them. And in this case it is also about treason. As the chairman of DANS announced a few days ago, there was a leak of information from Bulgarian institutions to the RSM and pre-trial proceedings were initiated: “A case was established in which an adviser to the Prime Minister at that time coordinated the positions of the Foreign Ministry with a citizen of the RSM Plamen Tonchev explained in the National Assembly.

This is not news either – as Tonchev also stated, “the last regular cabinet (that is, the Petkov cabinet) did not serve the national interest”, adding that “there was no way that the adviser to the prime minister in question could have carried out these actions without the permission of his head” (note author – Petkov). Lady Cherneva, which is also no secret, during her counseling of Petkov, was called “shadow minister of foreign affairs”.

And again, it’s not just that. And Lena Borislavova – Petkov’s close friend, who played him as the head of the political cabinet of the government of the Mr. Lie in question. Well, against the lady in question, as Tonchev informed us, there is an investigation by the prosecutor’s office and the State Security Service for providing information marked “Secret” on a website, more precisely, exporting information to the supposedly investigative website of Atanas Chobanov.

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But let’s continue – again a few days ago, and the Minister of the Interior Ivan Demerdzhiev stated to the deputies that he filed a report about potential abuses for the aid to Ukraine, regarding 150 million BGN, which was given to dead people. More precisely, more than 43% of this amount was provided to 24 natural persons indicated as contacts with 42 companies. That is, 93 million, paid according to protocols, in which it is not at all clear who is supported.

All the mentioned cases concern Petkov in one way or another, who, since he stepped onto our political scene, has never once apologized. No, with every transgression or lie of his that was revealed, he was quick to try to lessen the consequences of the revelations by telling a new lie. Both new and new. To infinity. A pathological liar whose place was and is in a specialized institution or in prison, not in the posts he held. A person who has done so much damage to our country, and continues to do more, which damage can never be fully repaired. On the contrary – and he is currently trying to rehabilitate himself by stepping back into government – in one form or another, behind this or that proxy.

A man who never once had the courage to take responsibility for his actions, trying to at least prevent the damage that none other than Bulgaria suffered and continues to suffer from his stay in politics. And as we can see, unfortunately, the end has not come.

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2023-06-08 17:02:21

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