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How do corona outbreaks work at a school? More detailed information is now available in Hamburg for the first time after the North Health Department initiated an investigation after an outbreak in which virus samples were extensively examined and many people involved were interviewed.

In autumn last year, a case caused a stir: at the Heinrich Hertz School in Winterhude, 33 students and three school employees were infected with Corona at the same time. And it seemed clear that a so-called “super spreader event” had taken place within a Hamburg school for the first time. An extensive investigation by the North Health Department has now confirmed this.

Teacher is said to have infected 23 students initially

According to the report of the investigation, a “member of the educational staff” first infected 23 students in class. The teacher only wore a cotton mask, the students no face mask. Further infections then followed, for example during breaks.

AUDIO: Examination after the corona outbreak at the Heinrich Hertz School (1 min)

Mask requirement in schools should remain for the time being

Almost 240 students and 40 teachers had to be quarantined at the time. There were also more than 90 family members of those infected. Consistent action has prevented more infections, so the conclusion of the North Health Department. And it advises: as long as most of the students have not been vaccinated, the mask requirement in schools should remain.

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A girl with a school bag and protective mask on her way to school.  © panthermedia Photo: Hannes_Eichinger

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Hamburg's school senator Ties Rabe (SPD) in the Hamburg parliament.  © picture alliance / dpa Photo: Daniel Reinhardt

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A virus hovers in front of a crowd (photo montage) © panthermedia, fotolia Photo: Christian Müller

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