Investigation into Killing of Israeli Soldiers by Egyptian Soldier on Border

The Israeli Chief of Staff, General Herzi Halevi, decided, on Sunday, that the operational investigation will be presented within a week following the infiltration of the soldier on the Egyptian border, which resulted in the killing of two soldiers and a female soldier by the commander of the southern region and the commander of the 80th Division.

The Chief of Staff also directed the formation of an institutional investigative team, led by Maj. Gen. Nimrod Aloni, to study the operational method for protecting the Salam borders.

On Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described, at the outset of the cabinet session, the killing of 3 Israeli soldiers as a “tragic terrorist attack.”

The Israeli Prime Minister said: “We have sent a clear message to Egypt that we expect the joint investigation to be serious.”

He added, “We will update procedures and methods of operations as well as measures aimed at reducing smuggling operations to a minimum and to ensure that such tragic terrorist attacks are not repeated.”

According to the results of the preliminary investigations of the Israeli army into the killing of 3 soldiers by an Egyptian soldier, there were a number of mistakes made by the army personnel in this operation.

On Sunday, preliminary results indicated that “the Egyptian soldier had planned this operation in advance,” while Israeli political sources confirmed that this operation would not have any impact on relations between the two countries.

On Saturday, the Israeli army revealed, in a statement, details of what happened in the shooting operation, in which 3 Israeli soldiers and an Egyptian soldier were killed.

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The statement reads as follows:

  • In the early morning hours, during an activity to secure the borders, a male and female soldier from the IDF was killed at a military post as a result of gunfire on the Egyptian border.
  • After that, additional forces arrived at the site and began combing the area.
  • In the afternoon hours, the military forces spotted the infiltrator himself inside Israeli territory, during which an exchange of fire broke out, during which the soldiers and commanders managed to kill the infiltrator.
  • During the clash, an IDF soldier was killed and a non-commissioned officer was slightly wounded.
  • The perpetrator of the attack is an Egyptian soldier, as the investigation into the incident is being carried out in full and close cooperation with the Egyptian army.
  • The commander of the southern military region conducts a field investigation, accompanied by the commander of the 80th regional division and other commanders.
  • The IDF continues combing the area to ensure that there are no more infiltrators.

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