Investigate the case of Big Joke’s friend orders subordinates to carry abuse Use a horse account to receive money : PPTVHD36

Investigate the case of a large policeman, rank “Police Major General”, a classmate of “Big Joke”, ordered his subordinates to carry a programmer to harm the cause of the gambling website, the revenue fell. Recently, there is information that the said policeman Use a circumvention by using a horse account to receive money.

After yesterday, Mr. Ekkapop Luangprasert The founder of the Facebook fan page Sai Mai Must Survive took a former engineer who turned himself into an online gambling website administrator to meet Police General Surachet Hakpal, Deputy Commissioner of the National Police. Which the victim was very scared because he was abducted and attacked in mid-January

The latest progress today Mr. Ekapop Luangprasert Provide information to the PPTV news team that Currently, the victim is still in the care of the Sai Mai page must survive as before. for fear that it is not safe And yesterday, the victim’s mother was also threatened by a mysterious person.

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As for the police, the owners of such gambling sites Which the Saimai page sent information to Police General Surachet, then this case is an outrageous case. to be the chief police officer “Commander level” with the rank of “Police Major General”, but came to break the law himself. it’s not right which the news team got this picture of the policeman who is a police cadet class 47, a fellow member of Big Joke’s class Previously, he served as deputy commander in the eastern region. And recently received a position as commander not long ago Under one of the headquarters in Bangkok.

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by this police officer he owns And is a big capitalist of 3 gambling websites with a turnover of 100 million baht per month And still have a subordinate to take care of the work and withdraw cash using the horse account all the time in order to prevent the girl from reaching the body or more difficult to investigate financial channels

that the victim dares to confirm this because he had met with the police commander 3 times to talk about web marketing This police officer is wearing a half uniform, khaki pants and a black long-sleeved shirt. known as the police And know the name of the said police officer from hosting the senior’s funeral Searching for information, he was found to be a classmate of Police General Surachet as well.

On the side of Police General Surachet, he said that he had ordered the investigative team to go to the area of ​​Chonburi Province where the crime occurred to find more evidence. This matter is not a classmate. If you make a mistake, you won’t ignore it.

and even in the same profession confirm no help wrong to go wrong If found guilty, they will seek approval from the Central Criminal Court for corruption and misconduct to issue an arrest warrant.

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