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The 44-year-old actress Wu Peici, in 2014, was dating the wealthy Hong Kong businessman Ji Xiaobo. After she found out she was pregnant, she announced her withdrawal from the showbiz for Love Lightning. In just 6 years, she gave birth to 2 girls and 2 boys for the man, but so far she There was no wedding with Ji Xiaobo, and no marriage registration was done. They both gave birth to 4 children and did not have any status to prove that they are husband and wife with Ji Xiaobo. The outside world is highly curious about Wu Peici’s inner calculations. “, allowing her to sit on an incomparably rich net worth and live an extremely luxurious life every day. It was even rumored that her total property is worth more than Taiwanese entrepreneur Zhang Zhongmou.

Although Pace Wu is not officially married to Ji Xiaobo, he dotes on her very much. (Picture/review of Wu Peici IG, recap of Weibo)

Wu Peici gave birth to many children for the wealthy businessman Ji Xiaobo, but the two still do not have the status of husband and wife. In recent years, Xiaobo has repeatedly suffered financial crises. The outside world is very concerned about whether Wu Peici’s net worth and the life of a lady will be affected. But in the past, she was exposed by the media. It is said that Pace Wu, who has no real name, is actually very popular with Ji Xiaobo’s mother. It is estimated that Pace Wu’s total net worth is at least 23.2 billion Taiwan dollars, which is even richer than Zhang Zhongmou, the founder of TSMC.

The speculation from the outside world is not groundless. Last year, Pace Wu posted a photo of her daughter Hailey with her 43-year-old birthday cake on her IG limited-edition. In the photo, the young Hailey, with pretty curly hair, is standing next to the three-story birthday cake, and there is a realistic carousel shape on the cake. From the comparison of the photos, it can be found that Pace Wu only has a birthday cake , taller than her daughter, and the shape of the cake is gorgeous and delicate, which shows the luxury and grandness of the birthday party.

Wu Peici's Weibo once exposed the interior of Bohua Palace, which is very luxurious.  (Picture / flip photo Wu Peici Weibo)
Wu Peici’s Weibo once exposed the interior of Bohua Palace, which is very luxurious. (Picture / flip photo Wu Peici Weibo)

In addition to her extravagant daily life, Pace Wu also used to inspect the seven-star hotel “Imperial Palace” run by the Ji Xiaobo family in Saipan as the hostess. From the photos she shared on Weibo in the past, it can be found that the architectural style of the hotel is based on the “Imperial Palace” as the design prototype. It is said that it spent 3.1 billion US dollars (about 94.7 billion Taiwan dollars) to create an extremely luxurious palace-style hotel. Photos When exposed, it’s breathtaking.

Wu Peici inspected Ji Xiaobo's seven-star hotel.  (Picture / flip from Weibo)
Wu Peici inspected Ji Xiaobo’s seven-star hotel. (Picture / flip from Weibo)

As for the ultra-exaggerated palace-style hotel, it is rumored that even the daughter of the family once told Pace Wu that she wanted to wear the most beautiful princess outfit and invite friends to the “Imperial Palace” to play. , “It’s more beautiful than Disney’s castle!” Netizens called it “It’s different to be born with a golden spoon”.

And Wu Peici, who was loved by Ji Xiaobo’s family after giving birth, also knows how to save face for her mother-in-law. It is reported that after the hotel was built, she spent 4 billion yuan to build two dragon jewelry decorations and sent them directly to her mother-in-law in Saipan The seven-star resort hotel invested in can give the mother-in-law a great air no matter in appearance or face. Although she is not a formal daughter-in-law, there is no shortage of courtesy.

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