Inventing Anna’s source of inspiration is allowed out of custody and banned from social media | backbiting

Anna Sorokin can get out of pre-trial detention in the case of her expired visa, she writes People Thursday. Sorokin, who is the inspiration for the main character of the Netflix series Inventing Annahas to pay a $ 10,000 bail (about $ 10,100) and now has a ban on social media.

Sorokin, also known as Anna Delvey, was staying in New York while her visa was no longer valid. She was arrested for this reason last year, but she has now been released from custody because the jury doesn’t see her as a threat to society.

Sorokin, 31, often posts about her luxurious lifestyle on social media. When she was allowed to leave the cell in early February last year after another lawsuit, she immediately returned to Instagram as well. This is not possible after the early release of now. You will remain under 24-hour surveillance until it is clear if you are expelled from the United States.

Sorokin was the inspiration for the popular Netflix series Inventing Anna. The series extensively tells the story of Sorokin, who was born in Russia and pretended to be a wealthy German heiress in New York. She managed to get hundreds of thousands of dollars from friends and banks.

That would be more than $ 200,000. Sorokin has been in court multiple times for fraud and was found guilty of eight counts in 2019, including theft.

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