Introducing the 2022 World Cup team: ‘Poland national team’, Levan’s army again

Introduce the teamWorld Cup Qatar 2022 Meet the “Polish national team”, still led by the spearhead of the nation’s hopes Robert Lewandowski as they make their mark at this World Cup. which may be his last World Cup.

Introducing the 2022 World Cup team

Poland national team

past work

Poland have been through eight World Cup finals in the past and can go the farthest to finish third in 1974, 1982. However, Poland’s last three World Cups were in 2002, 2006 and 2018. They packed their bags home since. first round only

As for the 2022 World Cup, this time Poland ended the qualifying round as a runner-up in Group I Europe, forcing them to continue their efforts in the play-off round. Which they won by Russia, who were banned from a dispute with Ukraine, followed by defeating Sweden 2-0, eventually getting tickets to go to Qatar.

Manager and key player

Poland recently changed the coach from Paolo Sousa to Zeslav Miznievich in Jan. In the past, after Sousa decided to move to get a job in Brazil’s Flamengo club.

For Miznievich, 52, previously managed Poland Under-21s and was the head coach of several famous clubs in Poland. With a masterpiece that led Legia Warsaw to the Polish Championship 2020/21 until being drawn to the first team of Poland, which is considered the most “big event” in his coaching career.

While the power of Poland Most of the key players are playing with famous European clubs such as Vojsiac Cessny (Juventus) Piotr Zelinsky (Napoli) Arcadiusz Milik (Marseille) Christoph Piatek (Hertha Berlin) and indispensable is “Team Captain” Robert Lewandowski The spearhead from Barcelona Which is the main hope of Polish football fans all over the country.

Lewandowski is considered one of the top strikers in the world. which swept the club championship and won countless personal honor awards But for the national team “Levan” Has never led the team to any success. which in this World Cup battle It may seem a bit out of reach if Poland hopes to reach the world championship title. But you can be sure that Lewandowski is ready to fight for his life. because of the 2022 World Cup Probably his last World Cup. At the present age, which is 34 years old.

Analyzing the chances of qualifying

Poland is in Group C along with Argentina, Mexico and Saudi Arabia Which looks like there is a good chance that they will win through to the second round It could be called 50-50.

Argentina, of course, are the favourites, who are likely to float on to win the group title. Seems to be inferior to all teams and has the prospect of returning home before his friends. So it’s left Poland and Mexico to compete for 2nd place in the group, which should be fierce for sure. Because the potential of both teams are close to each other.

And most importantly, Poland and Mexico have to hit each other in their first game. Which could be called a destiny game finalist that has it all Because if anyone collects 3 points in this game The chances of getting into the finals are definitely bright. by the finalists of Group C will cross to meet teams from Group D, including France, Denmark, Australia and Tunisia.

However, the most important thing is “Levan and the people” must pass through the group stage first As for where the opponents will meet in the round of 16, then let’s look at the situation in front of the event again.

Poland national football team 2022 World Cup program

Tuesday, November 22 at 11:00 p.m.

  • Mexico vs Poland : Stadium 947

Saturday, November 26 at 8:00 p.m.

  • Poland vs Saudi Arabia : Education City Stadium

Thursday, December 1 at 2:00 AM (Wednesday night, November 30)

  • Poland vs Argentina : Stadium 947

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