Introducing ‘Rarum’: Exploring the Second Avant-Garde in Art with Santiago Martinez

Introducing ‘Rarum’: Exploring the Second Avant-Garde in Art with Santiago Martinez

The critic and professor at the Oviedo Art School Santiago Martinez presents a new edition of “Rarum”, the informative courses on art that it teaches at the Asturias Library, which are now in their third installment and which on this occasion is dedicated to “the second avant-garde.”

Martínez, who publishes his criticisms and comments on art in LA NEW ESPAÑA, will dedicate each session of the course to movements, currents and artists, and also to other professionals linked to creation. “It is a program that, in general, has a conventional, chronological approach, but the content is presented in a different way, making room for critics, theorists, gallery owners…”, he explains. It is, he summarizes, “balancing practice and theory.”

The course is organized by the Friends of the Library Association and is open to 120 students. Registration must be formalized on September 27, starting at 17.00 hoursin the Library, in Daoíz and Velarde square.

The program for this edition, titled “On the Second Avant-garde,” begins on October 4 with the session “American Abstract Expressionism. The irascible ones.

Classes will be weekly, always on Wednesdays, so on October 11, Santiago Martínez will present “Pop Art. Leo Castelli, Jasper Johns and the sculptural work of Claes Oldenburg”; on October 18, «Clement Greenberg and post-painterly abstraction. The pictorial work of Carmen Herrera»; on October 31, «Op-Art and kinetic art. Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely. Jean Tinguely»; on November 8, «Minimal-Art. The theorists (Richard Wollheim and Lucy Lippard) and the artists (Sol LeWitt, Dan Flavin…). Creative singularity of Agnès Martin»; on November 15, «Conceptual Art. Elena Asins»; on November 22, 2Action art, performances and environment. From Allan Kaprov to Marina Abramovic. Esther Ferrer»; on November 29, «Arte Povera. Mario Merz. The spatialism of Lucio Fontana.

On December 13th it will be the turn of «Land-Art. Walter de María and Nancy Holt» and, finally, on December 20, 2Hyperrealism, Richard Estes. New figurations, Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud.

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