Introducing EcoMbio Co., Ltd.: Pioneers in Environmentally Friendly Desiccants and Clean Health Products

Introducing EcoMbio Co., Ltd.: Pioneers in Environmentally Friendly Desiccants and Clean Health Products

EcoMbio Co., Ltd.

As environmental pollution problems become more serious around the world, regulations on the use of harmful substances are gradually expanding, especially in developed countries. As Korea is also responding with continuous interest in environmental issues, in line with the needs, EcoMbio Co., Ltd. has established itself as an environmentally friendly company by successfully developing and mass-producing Safegel, an environmentally friendly desiccant made from natural minerals. As it goes out, it attracts attention. Safegel desiccant, a signature product, uses clay-based minerals, does not generate dust, and does not use adhesives or chemical ingredients in the granulation process, so it is easy to naturally decompose.

In particular, it is attracting attention as an environmentally friendly desiccant that can be restored to its original form by re-drying the moisture after use, making it reusable and customizable according to environmental conditions. Safegel desiccant, which has already been recognized for its stability in performance and excellence in quality by several testing organizations, is expected to be very popular with consumers as it is capable of continuous moisture absorption for a long time within a wide humidity range.

Meanwhile, in addition to the Safe Gel desiccant, EcoMBio Co., Ltd. has developed a moisture-absorbing, deodorizing and bedsore-prevention clean health pad that is receiving great response from the elderly and new mothers, drawing attention. This product is perfect as a health and filial piety gift set for the elderly and as a maternity product for new mothers. It is a removable product that does not contain any carcinogens such as oxidants, can be dried naturally, has a deodorizing function, and allows critically ill patients to use it freely from lethal electromagnetic waves. It has won a silver award at the World Women’s Invention Competition.

In particular, the development of a detachable pad, which is not present in existing products, provides convenience and hygiene to patients with bedsores, and demand is steadily increasing in nursing homes, postpartum care centers, and hospitals. “It is a non-toxic product that is recycled into nature after use, causing no damage to the ecosystem. Depending on the convenience of the product, we have developed specialized products such as clean health pads, pillow pads, clean cushion pads, deodorizers and dehumidifiers, and consumers will be able to use them at their convenience with peace of mind.”

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2023-09-19 15:00:00

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