Interview with Michel Péclard – «I’m a little crazy»

It all started with a sausage stand – today Michel Péclard owns over a dozen restaurants around Lake Zurich.

Photo: André Springer

We meet Michel Péclard on a Monday afternoon in November in the Hafenbeiz in Kilchberg, which he opened in mid-October. The lightened half-timbering inside the frame building opens the view to the outside. The centerpiece is an open fire. Like all his bars, Péclard planned the harbor pub with a set designer. “I really enjoy this place,” says the entrepreneur. But his thoughts are already on his next projects.

New infection numbers every day, new restrictions due to Corona almost every day: do you still sleep well?

Yes. We had one of the best summers ever. Our restaurants are small vacation homes and were popular with people who couldn’t travel. We also had insurance. We were lucky.

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