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The chatbot “ChatGPT” developed by OpenAI isEarned a passing score on the final exam for the Master of Business Administration (MBA)orNamed as the author of a research paperThe number of people who create creations using AI is increasing.Leanne LeedsJennifer Repp, a novelist who wrote a mystery novel under the pseudonym of Amazon’s Kindle and has published feature-length novels in rapid succession, answered an interview with the IT news site The Verge.

How Kindle novelists are using OpenAI’s ChatGPT – The Verge

The Verge:
Independent writers such as Mr. Rep have been using tools such as AI from early on, but I feel that many people have suddenly started working on ChatGPT after ChatGPT appeared. What do you think about it?

Mr. Jennifer Rep (hereinafter Rep):
In the past, most people didn’t know what to use AI for and turned a blind eye, but ChatGPT has changed that. AI is being discussed in many groups today, such as the Writers Group that I am a part of.

So far, most people’s interest is in non-trivial uses. For example, “I’m not good at making plots, so I’d like someone to help me make plots properly, but AI is really good at it, so let’s use it to make plots.” I’m not good at it, but I have to pay money to have someone make it.Moreover, I can’t say that the tail sentence is writing a novel.In that case, let’s have an AI that is good at making tail sentences write it.” . Some people also use it for proofreading.

Many of those people stop using AI when they get close to the core of what they want to write, but I use it. AI doesn’t drive the plots and ideas of my work, or create characters, but I use it to write faster. So I often wonder if I should join novelists’ debates about the pros and cons of AI, and most of the time I sit on the sidelines.

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The Verge:
Where do you think most people draw the line on whether AI can be used?

Plagiarism is a concern for many people. It is well known that AI is created by crawling various data with or without permission.

There are also ethical issues.i am a novelistJim ButcherI often listen to his audiobooks because I like his narrative style and his emotionless yet ironic writing style.

So, I tried to express that with a certain character, and ordered the AI ​​to “rewrite it in Jim Butcher’s style.” Then,urban fantasyIt has been rewritten into a more unemotional, unemotional way of speaking. Now where does this come from?

These problems are of the same kind as the concerns of visual artists, and come from the same fears. However, this trend is more pronounced in the visual artist community.

Also, three of my friends who are indie authors don’t allow AI to read their work, but I was able to recreate their style to some extent with AI.

The Verge:
Do you think there is a line between using AI for things like descriptive writing and using it to mimic other authors’ writing styles?

yes. That’s my ethical line. I like Jim Butcher and wish I could write like him, but I don’t want to steal his style by rewriting my work in his style. But ethical issues aside, technology has certainly made it possible.

The Verge:
Have you ever incorporated ChatGPT into your work?

Now I use it to create titles and plots, especially plots for mystery novels. In addition, I make a tail sentence.

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When I started writing novels on ChatGPT, I started by telling people who I was and what I needed. For example, “I am writing a paranormal mystery that takes place in the small town of Table Rock, Texas. It involves a female amateur detective. We need four suspects, we need information about their motives and how the investigation was conducted to find them, and tell us who the real killers are.” . Then ChatGPT output as ordered.

The Verge:
What happened when you created a work with ChatGPT?

There are now 7 plots, all of these murder mysteries made by ChatGPT. I edited some of them.I was particularly impressed when ChatGPT commented, “This work iscozy mysterySo I need humor,” and they understand what I need. It keeps the names of the suspects pretty, and the motives not bloody or too serious.

The Verge:
With so much automation, do you still feel like you’re in control of the story?

The Cozy Mysteries I write have two elements. It is the occurrence of a murder case and the characters who start to move in the wake of it. In my work, however, the murder is often less important than the storyline itself. In other words, even though a murder is where it all started, it doesn’t matter much to the plot what it is, because it’s just a source of hilarious commotion and antics. That’s it.

The Verge:
I heard that AI is also used for the book cover.

all the coversGIVE HERI didn’t make it in , but I used it in the 7th book. This work includesRaikoiA rather ugly but cute cat will appear. Raikoi is a new breed that is a cross between a cat with hair and a cat without hair.

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So to make the cover, I had to find a Lykoi cat and hire a photographer who could take pictures of it, which was expensive. So I suddenly wondered if I should use DALL-E, so I immediately created an account and tried using it. As a result, I saved time and money, but the photographer and the cat owner didn’t get paid.

The Verge:
How do you see AI writing novels and the use of AI by novelists evolving in the future?

I’m kind of in the middle of nowhere, so I don’t know where the AI ​​will go in the future, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend it to people who aren’t good at using AI. But I think AI will permeate the lives of such people. We’re already surrounded by similar software, and it’s going to be hard to get away from it.

Also, I was blown away by ChatGPT. I used to think that AI tools would be decent in three to four years, but when ChatGPT came out, I realized, “Oh, this is amazing.” It’s been a while, but AI is advancing at such an incredible rate that I can hardly answer the question of what’s next.

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