INTERVIEW. Pierre Gasly: ​​“France has been waiting for this for 24 years…”. Sport

It’s been a month since you triumphed at Monza, how are you feeling today?

Monza, it was very intense in emotion and an incredible moment to live. Of course, for me, there is a before and an after this race, whether personal or professional. France has been waiting for a new success in Formula 1 for 24 years, it is a great pride to be the first after Olivier Panis. Even for my team, AlphaTauri, this is their second victory in 15 years.

“In Normandy, I grew up in the rain”

What are your ambitions for this weekend at Nürburgring and the end of the season in general?

Ambitions and approach must not change for me. Every weekend, we have to perform with the car we have and seize the opportunities that are available to us, if there are any, like at Monza. Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull have dominated the competition for 8-9 years now, so with AlphaTauri we are fighting for points. As much as possible anyway. I don’t really like giving predictions, it depends on a lot of variables.

Does it depend on other variables such as rain for example?

This weekend there may be an opportunity. It will rain several times. These will be very different conditions from what we have seen so far.

Does this rain scare you?

No, I love the rain. These are conditions a little more exciting and especially complicated. I love these conditions. In addition, in Normandy, I grew up in the rain. Younger in kart, I was often able to train with this weather.

Speaking of training, any memories of the FFSA Academy at Le Mans?

Yes, from my 13 to 18 years old I was in this structure which allowed me to continue my schooling while having a real sports supervision. I have very good memories, I don’t know where I would be today without this training. I grew up through this program where I was able to reconcile studies with sports and psychological training. It was a golden opportunity.

“If things are handled differently …”

The engine manufacturer Honda recently announced its departure from Formula 1 in 2021. A reaction, you who drive with this engine?

This departure makes me sad. I grew up with them since Super Formula in 2017, where we fought together until the last race for the title… The same year, they follow me when I arrive at ToroRosso (ex-name of AlphaTauri team), then when I go to Red Bull in 2018.

Could you come back to Red Bull after this failed episode in 2018?

If things are handled differently, yes. I think you have to give me the right weapons to be 100% efficient and not 80% …


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