Interview of the football player of Spartak Samuel Gigot

Samuel Gigot gives almost no interviews: a couple of times a year – the maximum. But this summer there are especially many rumors around the Frenchman regarding his possible transfer from Spartak. Therefore, in a conversation with a Sport24 correspondent, the footballer spoke about his future, and also remembered Oleg Kononov and shared his thoughts about the ended season.

– How will you remember the past year?
– For me personally, first of all, it was important to play. After all, I missed almost the entire previous season because of the breaking of the crosses. So I was just glad that I can do what I love again. But, of course, the results as an athlete cannot please me. I would like to finish higher and get into the Champions League or the Europa League. Spartak must always fight for titles and getting into European cups. In everyday life, everything is fine: I got even better at home in Moscow, which I love very much.

– What is the fundamental difference between Kononov, with whom Spartak began the season, and Tedesco, with whom the season ended?
– The biggest difference is probably in tactics. Now we play in a different way than at the beginning of the season. I think we learned and continue to recognize her better, which means that we are able to perform even more confidently in this particular scheme. In my opinion, our last matches turned out better than the ones we played when Tedesco first took over the team. And I am sure we will continue to progress.

Alexander Mysyakin, Sport24

As for Kononov, I think we started the season well, but then there was a failure. The club had a difficult decision to make. And this, of course, influenced the team … But this is football – this often happens. We must continue to live, fight on the field and not lower our heads. Now, again, we feel better working with Domenico.

– Critics already cite Tedesco’s statistics on points, which are worse than those that were under Kononov.
– I think they are both good specialists. But in football there are so many different factors that influence the results and decisions … This is the presence of the right players for a particular scheme, and luck at the right time, and much more. With the arrival of Domenico, the new players had to reorganize to a new scheme. Such processes always take time.

– Why did Spartak start so well after a pause in March, but had a very unsuccessful summer post-pandemic segment?
– Indeed, the summer turned out to be very difficult. I cannot explain the reasons for our performance in July. I hope this will serve as a good lesson for us, and we will all draw conclusions so as not to repeat this in the future. Perhaps one of the reasons was a loss of self-confidence. Having lost one or two matches, they began to get nervous. And the big goal for the whole team was to win the Cup, however, unfortunately, it was not achieved either.

– What was the biggest disappointment of the season for you?
– I think it was just the Cup semi-final with Zenit. Again, I really wanted to win a trophy for the club, for all our fans. I think we deserved more, because I am very upset with that defeat. But this is football. You need to quickly pull yourself together and work even harder.

– What moment of the season do you remember with the greatest pleasure?
– Also the Cup – victory in the derby over CSKA. It was really cool: 2: 2, extra time, victory in the minority, celebration with the fans, which was then a whole stadium. Crazy emotions!

– Why not the first derby of the season where your double won?
– Because a derby without red cards is not a derby, ha ha! In fact, of course, it was fantastic for me to score twice in the first derby. But I would still put the spring derby higher in terms of emotions and significance. Well, what we then arranged at the fan rostrum was just super!

– Last season, it was obvious to everyone except the RFU and Viktor Kashshai that the referees were making rather strange decisions in Spartak’s matches.
– You’re right, but what can we do here? Only to play even better, to give all the best on the field. I hope there will be no such decisions in the next season. And we shouldn’t think about them at all, because Spartak is a big club. That season is already in the past, and we need to work and show our maximum on the field, and do not attach any importance to the judges’ decisions.

(Alexander Mysyakin, Sport24)
Alexander Mysyakin, Sport24

– Even before the end of the season, Thomas Zorn left the club, having worked for only a year. Surprised by his departure?
– Of course, we were surprised, but we are in a big club, where the pressure is very high, and such decisions can be made very quickly if there are no results. Now we have a new CEO, he has a new strategy. He will make every effort to ensure that Spartak returns to European competition as soon as possible.

– “Spartak” often released young Gaponov and Maslov in the second part of the season. How do you like these guys?
– It’s great for Ilya and Pasha to be able to play as a base. The guys are the future of Spartak. They are very good and professional footballers. Well, it’s great for the team that such young guys are in the lineup.

– But it seemed that they were not yet ready to play matches with top teams.
– Why not? I disagree. If the head coach releases them at the base, then he trusts them and sees the necessary playing qualities.

(RIA Novosti)
RIA Novosti

– Do you, Dzhikia and Kutepov, as leaders, prompt the guys?
– Yes, but not often. The guys themselves know very well how and what to do on the field. So they don’t really need our advice.

– Artem Dzyuba was named the best footballer of the season. Deservedly so, in your opinion?
– I think yes. He deserved it. Dziuba scored many goals, gave many assists, won the championship and the Cup. So no questions asked. In my opinion, he is an excellent player, one of the best in our championship.

(RIA Novosti)
RIA Novosti

– What can you say about Alexander Kokorin, who recently became a Spartak player?
– I don’t know him and know little about him. But this is a top player. I saw several of his goals, saw how he plays. Good players are always welcome at Spartak.

– At the same time, both the previous and current managers call the defender and the right-back as the main problematic positions. Do you agree?
– Well, I’m not a coach or a manager. If they say so, then we really need to strengthen these positions.

– One of the hottest transfer topics around Spartak is your possible departure to France. Tell me, are there any suggestions from Ligue 1 clubs?
– These are just rumors. At the moment I have no proposals, I am not considering anything.

– What can affect your departure from Spartak: family, return to your homeland, something else?
– My contract with Spartak is valid for two more years, so I’m here. I am a person who lives for today. If there is a chance to play in a top club, I will try to use it. But you need to discuss facts, and all the rumors and words around them are not important.

– So you can’t promise your fans that you will definitely stay in the team in the summer?
– In football, it is generally difficult to say exactly about something, anything can happen. I am a Spartak footballer. And I just enjoy my life. I confess I have received a huge amount of messages from our fans. I want to say that I love them all very much. They are awesome!

– By the way, you learned Russian very well. What word did you have the biggest problems with?
– Well, I spent about a year to learn how to pronounce “Happy birthday” (Gigot switched to Russian – Sport24). But now it’s getting pretty good.

– Will our next interview be in Russian?
– Yes, of course, – Samuel answered again in Russian. – One hundred percent – will be in a Russian interview!

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