Internet users criticize the cover of “Marine” by Camelia Jordana, Amel Bent and Vitaa

It is on the set of Quotidien that the singers Amel Bent, Vitaa and Camelia Jordana were invited to explain their cover of “Marine”. Internet users have not lacked criticism.

This Monday, April 5, 2021, the singers Camelia Jordana, Amel Bent and Vitaa made their first media appearance for the promotion of their resumption of Marine, the Diam’s tube. It is on the set of Yann Barthès, Quotidien, on TMC that the stars of the French song were invited. Remember that this is a cover of an anti-Le Pen anthem that the singer Diam’s had produced in 2006. It is on this same set that the singers performed the title live.

Since this cover version was shared on YouTube and Instagram on the stars’ respective accounts, sharp criticism came in retaliation. Many Internet users accuse the singers of massacring this song by the rapper who has a real political background. But why kill this Diam’s song? The song has a real political background… This is just low-end buzz … #quotidien “, confided a surfer on the networks. “As much as I am a fan of the Diam’s version, but there !!! There’s everything to throw away it’s false, overplayed, ridiculous, bad !!! There’s really nothing to keep from this recovery !!! “, another confessed.

“We read the tweets together and we laugh together”

Still at the microphone of Yann Barthès, Vitaa, Amel Bent and Camélia Jordana confide “We’ve been dating a lot for a year and it came naturally. This refers to the release of a joint album scheduled for June 2021. On the set of the show, Yann asks the singers: Doesn’t that scare you?“, thinking of the recent controversies. “It’s essential nowadays, when you’re an artist today and you’re on the networks, we get finished“, answers Vitaa. “We read the tweets together and we laugh together. There are even some that we send between us “, jokes Camélia Jordana and “We are not politicians, we are not here to undermine a political program. We are just here to say: elsewhere there may not be a solution, but it is surely not with hatred that we will find peace“, specifies Amel Bent at the end.

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