Internet Explorer Retired at 27 Years Old, Half Japanese Companies Confused

Internet Explorer itself is currently no longer available for PC users based on Windows 11, where its position has been replaced by Microsoft Edge as the main browser.

Microsoft explains, “For supported operating systems, Internet Explorer 11 will continue to receive security updates and technical support based on the lifecycle of the version of Windows that is installed.”

In August 2020, the company formed by Bill Gates announced plans to discontinue support for the IE 11 browser on Windows 10 and Microsoft 365.

At that time, the company announced plans to shut down Internet Explorer on May 19, 2021.

Recently, Microsoft was also known to be testing adding a built-in and free virtual private network (VPN) feature to Microsoft Edge.

This VPN feature called “Edge Secure Network” is being tested by Microsoft and supported by Cloudflare. This is an effort to increase security and privacy.

“Microsoft Edge Secure Network can help your device and sensitive data when you surf,” Microsoft wrote on its support page, quoted Monday (2/5/2022).

Quoting The Verge, Edge Secure Network will encrypt users’ web traffic, so internet service providers cannot collect browsing information which is considered better kept secret.

This new feature also lets users hide their location, by allowing them to surf the web using a virtual IP address. It also means users can access content that is blocked in their country.

Furthermore, according to Microsoft, this Secure Network is a preview feature.

“The preview feature is a service under development and is available on a ‘preview’ basis so that users can get early access and send us feedback,” the company wrote.

Even so, Microsoft also mentions data usage in this feature is limited to only 1 GB per month. In addition, the user must be signed in to a Microsoft account.

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