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Mainland China Center / Report by Xie Wanzhen

The Internet celebrity “Tibetan Adventure King” Wang Xiangjun accidentally fell into the water in December last year and disappeared in the glacier of Jiali County, Tibet, at an altitude of more than 4,000 meters. After two months of searching, many search and rescue teams still couldn’t find anyone. It was also reported on the Internet that Wang Xiangjun was conspired to kill. On the 22nd, the Jiali County Public Security Bureau announced that after on-site investigations confirmed and witnesses were summoned, and the accident appraisal report was confirmed, it was confirmed that Wang Xiangjun was accidentally dropped into the water and disappeared.

▲The Internet celebrity “Tibetan Adventure King” stumbled and fell into the glacier. The Internet broke the news that it was a murder. (Photo/Reversed from Wang Xiangjun’s Weibo)

After Wang Xiangjun’s family announced his death in December, there was a lot of discussion on the Internet. Many fans felt sad. There are also rumors that Wang Xiangjun was murdered before falling into the glacier. The evidence was hidden in Wang Xiangjun’s expedition to the “Blue Cave”. In the video of, it is rumored that after the film is processed with noise reduction, suspicious conversations with hidden murderous intentions can be heard.

Facing the rumors of murder, the Jiali Public Security Bureau set up a special investigation team, which lasted 20 days to investigate the truth. It traveled more than 30,000 kilometers in 6 provinces and cities including Sichuan and Jiangxi, visited 80 people, made 21 transcripts, and went to the scene to investigate. After retrieving 5 monitoring screens and identifying 24 mobile phone videos twice, the survey results were finally announced on February 22.

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▲The Jiali Public Security Bureau formed a task force to investigate the mystery of Wang Xiangjun’s death. (Photo/Reversed from Wang Xiangjun’s Weibo)

The Jiali Public Security Bureau stated in the investigation report on the case of “The Lost of Tibetan Adventure King Wang Xiangjun”. It stated that it obtained the original file of the “Blue Hole” noise reduction film and sent it to a professional organization for identification. It was discovered that the film was Wang Xiangjun himself on December 10 last year. It was filmed at 13:42 on the day. The sound in the film mainly included running water, footsteps, clothes rubbing, breathing, etc., but no valid voice was detected.

In addition, the filming location of this “Blue Cave” film is located at “Chaqing Glacier” in Yigong Township, Bomi County, Nyingchi City, Tibet Autonomous Region. The straight line distance from the “Yiga Glacier” where Wang Xiangjun falls into the water is 115 kilometers, and the ride route is 900 long. Many kilometers.

The Jiali County Public Security Bureau said that the above facts include evidence such as on-site investigation reports, witness testimonies, audio-visual materials, and appraisal conclusions, which confirm that Wang Xiangjun was accidentally dropped into the water and disappeared. The “Blue Hole” film has nothing to do with the case. There are doubts and speculations about this case on the Internet Such remarks have no factual basis, so netizens are called on to respect objective facts, treat them rationally according to law, and do not believe and spread rumors, otherwise they will be held accountable according to law.

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▲ “Tibetan Adventure King” Wang Xiangjun fell into the glacier and his family announced his death in tears. (Photo/Retrieved from Red Star News)

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