International Women’s Day: Demos and strikes in Hamburg

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On today’s International Women’s Day, the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) and the Kulturbrücke are calling for demonstrations for more solidarity in Hamburg. There is also a strike in day-care centers and social facilities.

According to the DGB and its member unions, the shortage of skilled workers cannot be remedied without women. There is enormous employment potential for women. However, many of them only work part-time or not at all – despite good qualifications, according to Hamburg DGB chairwoman Tanja Chawla. Employers and politicians must act now, the obstacles for women in the labor market must be dismantled quickly. Chawla demanded that all political projects should be examined to see whether they promote equality between men and women.

Demos for women’s day in Hamburg

In Harburg, women had drawn attention to their rights on stilts in the morning. The “Woman’s March” started at 1:30 p.m. at Gänsemarkt from the Kulturbrücke. This was about solidarity with Iranian, Afghan and Kurdish women. The central demonstration of the women’s alliance with the DGB starts at 4 p.m. and moves to a final rally at the Rathausmarkt.

Fegebank: “Crises and wars threaten women worldwide”

International Women’s Day is more important today than ever, because crises, wars and displacement fuel inequality, which affects women particularly,” emphasized Hamburg’s Senator for Equal Opportunities and Deputy Mayor Katharina Fegebank (Greens) on Wednesday. In Iran, for example, women continued to fight bravely every day against oppression and violence and for self-determination and freedom. “Hamburg stands by their side in solidarity,” said Fegebank.

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Fegebank meets craftswomen

But Women’s Day is also relevant in Hamburg, where the focus is on improving the compatibility of family and career as well as promoting more women in management positions or equal pay between women and men. The senator will also speak to 70 craftswomen today about career opportunities. The craft is no longer a purely male domain, even if this cliché still persists, says Fegebank. Without more women in the trades, the shortage of skilled workers in many trades will continue to worsen.


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The street is no longer dedicated only to the former mayor Johann Georg Mönckeberg, but also to Vilma Mönckeberg-Kollmar. 1 min

The senator had previously unveiled a new street sign on Mönckebergstraße together with district head Ralf Neubauer (SPD). The shopping street is now not only named after the former mayor Johann Georg Mönckeberg (1839-1908), but also after his daughter-in-law. Vilma Mönckeberg-Kollmar (1892-1985) was a literary scholar, language pedagogue and reader who recited poetry in particular.

Anniversary celebration for political program

In the late afternoon, on the occasion of Women’s Day, a Senate reception will take place in Hamburg City Hall. The tenth anniversary of the equality policy framework program is to be celebrated. It contains measures for more equality between women and men.

Ver.di calls for warning strikes in daycare centers

The trade union ver.di had already called on employees in day care centers and social institutions to go on warning strikes. According to ver.di, 80 percent of them are female. Today, as 100 years ago, it is about achieving more respect, more equality and better pay on International Women’s Day, according to the union.

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Further information

A cloakroom in a day care center.  © picture alliance/dpa |  Armin Weigel Photo: Armin Weigel

The union expects 2,500 participants. Parents should ask their children’s day-care center whether it is open. more

Two women and a man are standing at work and holding a laptop in their hands.  © picture alliance / Westend61 |  Alla Azarnikova Photo: Alla Azarnikova

In Hamburg, women still earn less than men, but the so-called gender pay gap is narrowing compared to previous years. (03/07/2023) more

A woman is standing in an office by the window and talking on the phone.  © picture alliance/dpa |  Annette Riedl Photo: Annette Riedl

Only in the traffic and interior authorities is the proportion low. There is still a lot of catching up to do in public companies. (03/07/2023) more

International Women's Day 1982 on March 8th, 1982 in Düsseldorf.  © picture-alliance /dpa Photo: Klaus Rose

Women have been fighting for more rights for more than 100 years. In Germany, the call for the first International Women’s Day was made in March 1911. more

Face of a woman with areas of color © fotolia / 2016 Andrew Ostrovsky Photo: Andrew Ostrovsky

For more than 100 years, women have been demonstrating for equal rights and against discrimination on March 8th. more

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