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International Red Cross Day Celebrations: Field Hospital and Mobile ICU Deployment in El Parche

The Red Cross celebrated its international day yesterday with the deployment of a field hospital and a mobile ICU, both installed in El Parche. The volunteers encouraged people to be part of the group to join any of the areas that operate in Avilés and the region. At the same time, Marina Viracachá and Montserrat Bermejo took the blood pressure of people who requested it. “We’ve been there for about twenty-five now,” explains Bermejo after Ana Rosa González verified that “everything was going well.” “There is no specific profile to be a volunteer, for example, having a driving license already allows you to drive adapted transportation,” says Jorge Hernández, head of Relief and Emergencies. He gave as an example that of Agustín, a recently retired truck driver, who, encouraged by his granddaughters, joined the great Red Cross family. Each of the programs also includes training for volunteers.

Monsterrat Bermejo takes Ana Rosa González’s blood pressure, yesterday in El Parche, at the door of the field hospital. | Mara Villamuza

María Cueva and Nuria Carreño are also volunteers. They encouraged young people who, like them, can participate in awareness-raising actions and be part of, among other projects, the so-called “Own Space”, which has a team of professionals who attend to and reinforce the municipal devices of the “Lilac Points” in the folkloric festivities. Several groups of schoolchildren visited the field hospital “similar to the one installed during the last Gijón half marathon” and also the ambulance parked next to it. Another of the Red Cross programs that volunteers brought to light yesterday is the so-called “Constant Health”, which aims to develop activities to promote physical activity as well as the acquisition and maintenance of healthy habits.

The celebration of International Red Cross Day also had its section in the Avilés office, located on Jovellanos Street. The headquarters of the local assembly hosted an exhibition of drawings made by children whose lines represented “the principle of humanity” of the Red Cross. Those from Aviles who came to the entity’s headquarters learned about the members and projects of various volunteer teams such as the homeless care group, the community health group, and the development education games group, among others.

In addition, the local assembly of the Gozón Red Cross yesterday presented its report of activities to the municipal political groups in an event in which the regional president, José María Lana, participated.

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